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The longevity secret

Basic Ingredient

of Cretan Cuisine

and Mediterranean Diet

Taste the Greek culture

Kiosk: HALL 1-B09/C05-04


RODANAKIS- GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT & SERVICES was founded in SITIA in 1973 retaining its activeness in what was formerly the province of Sitia until present.


Observing the needs of the modern market the company made its way  into the field of packaging and olive oil, introducing the brand name “NUTRICRETA”.


Throughout the packaging and bottling procedure, all precautions are taken in order to provide a  pure, natural product of excellent quality.

Attention to Quality

One of our main goals, among other things, is to distribute excellent quality olive oil both to Greece and internationally, responsibly making sure a constant effort is made in order to improve it.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil SITIA OLEUM with low acidity is slightly spicy with an intense fruity aroma and a balanced taste, unique for its golden green colour and its long lasting aftertaste.

Zakro’s Rhyton

Our symbol has been inspired from the most significant findings from the Kato Zakros Minoan Palace, an exquisite rock crystal amphora, or Greek storage jar. Not only does it represent the origin of our products but also the excellent quality, as the Minoans would use the special amphorae to offer their finest products as thanks to their gods.

Unique, elegant and small in size, this ritual container is rightly considered to be a masterpiece of the Minoan civilization. It is a narrow-bottomed jug with a wide brim and a tall handle. The main body is made from a rare block of rock crystal, whereas the neck of the jug was made by another smaller piece. The two parts were joined together by crystal ring which was decorated with transverse gold-plated rings in faience. The handle of the Rhyton is formed from fourteen crystal beads, that are kept together by brass wire and were also covered with leafs of gold.

The container was found in the sanctuary of the Palace of Zakros along with other unique pottery for rituals from the Minoan Age. They represent distinct samples of the skilled elegant work of the Minoan craftsmen. The Rhyton was found broken into many small pieces which were assembled, with great craftsmanship, by the maintainers at the Archaeological Museum of Hrakleio.


Sitia is located on the northeast tip of Crete, in the province of Lasithi. It is 70km away from the capital of the province, Agios Nikolaos.

Facilities: Praissou & Piskokefalou Str, Sitia Crete, Greece

Email: info@nutricreta.gr
Tel.(+30)28430 20909, (+30)28430 28402
FAX:(+30)28430 25165